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New Convenience
Sept 6-15, 2019

Your favourite artists, delivered

  • BBB_

    BBB_ is a technologically advanced cross- disciplinary project, which works on the intersection of music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy. Founded by Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm, the project works in live performance and installation format, experiments with digital voices, natural language processing, brain stimulating sound and interactive visuals, creating special atmosphere and a scenography for each piece.

    Presented with the support of saasfee*

  • Lotte Meret Effinger &
    Marco Buetikofer

    Lotte Meret Effinger & Marco Buetikofer work multi- and interdisciplinary, their collaborations include video productions, installations and performances. At the center of their artistic practice is the analysis of digital technologies and its effect on society and economic dynamics. The artist duo creates spaces in which mechanical and biological life meet to explore the boundaries between the digital and the physical environment.

    Lotte Meret Effinger + Marco Buetikofer
  • Tom Galle

    Belgian-born, Berlin-based Tom Galle is the epitome of the contemporary web artist. His work is saturated with the very essence of hyper-digital nowness. He has created an online persona that is at once supremely infatuated with and deeply questioning of the profound impact that the internet has had on all of our bodies and brains.

    Tom Galle
  • Elisa Giardina Papa

    Elisa Giardina Papa is an Italian artist whose work investigates gender, sexuality, and labor in relation to neoliberal capitalism and the Global South. In her recent body of work she documents the ways in which affective and care labor are being outsourced via internet platforms. In her current project she extends this exploration to the invisible and underpaid human infrastructure that sustains Artificial Intelligence.

    Elisa Giardina Papa
  • Stefani Glauber

    Stefani Glauber is interested in the role of bystanders to the ubiquitous narration of digitization as capable of extensive salvation and simultaneously as enabling threatening tools.

    Stefani Glauber
  • Jing He

    Jing He is a Chinese artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. She is trying to pass the Dutch integration exam for questioning her own identity.

    Jing He
  • David Horvitz

    David Horvitz is an artist from Los Angeles, California.

    Presented with the support of ChertLuedde

    David Horvitz
  • Lauren Huret

    Lauren Huret lives and works as an artist in Geneva (CH). She explores contemporary narratives that often seem obscure and hard to grasp. She mainly transmits her rants and critical phantasms via performances, videos, collages, artist books and most recently, sculptures.

    Lauren Huret
  • Jeremy Hutchison

    Jeremy Hutchison is a British artist based in London. Working across performance, sculpture, text and video he constructs situations that insert disobedience and confusion into hegemonic structures. Many of his projects intervene in systems of production exploring the relationship between consumerism and Empire.

    Jeremy Hutchison
  • Simone Niquille

    Simone C Niquille is a designer and researcher based in Amsterdam NL. Her practice Technoflesh investigates the representation of identity & the digitisation of biomass in the networked space of appearance.

    Simone Niquille
  • Jaakko Pallasvuo

    Jaakko Pallasvuo (b. 1333) is an artist. Pallasvuo makes videos, texts, performances and installations that explore the anxieties of being alive now, and the prospect of living in some possible future.

    Jaakko Pallasvuo
  • Evan Roth

    Based in Berlin, Evan Roth's practice visualizes and archives typically unseen aspects of rapidly changing communication technologies. Through a range of media from sculpture to websites, the work addresses the personal and cultural effects surrounding these changes and the role of individual agency within the media landscape.

    Evan Roth
  • Theo Triantafyllidis

    Theo Triantafyllidis is an artist who builds virtual spaces and the interfaces for the human body to inhabit them. He creates complex worlds and systems where the virtual and the physical merge in uncanny, absurd and poetic ways. These are manifested as performances, mixed reality experiences, games and interactive installations.

    Theo Triantafyllidis
  • Sebastian Schmieg

    Sebastian Schmieg's work engages with the algorithmic circulation of images, texts and bodies within contexts that blur the boundaries between human and software, individual and crowd, or labor and leisure. At the centre of his practice are playful interventions into found systems that explore hidden – and often absurd – aspects behind the glossy interfaces of our networked society.

  • Roehrs & Boetsch

    Roehrs & Boetsch is a contemporary art gallery based in Zurich. Given the rapid pace of technological progress and the major impact of digitalisation on contemporary society and art, Roehrs & Boetsch is the first and to date only gallery in Switzerland to devote its programme to exploring digitalisation and its implications for society. By working very closely with emerging as well as established artists, the gallery exhibitions explore and critically reflect the relationship between contemporary culture, digitalisation and art in a range of media and techniques. Furthermore, as an art gallery, Roehrs & Boetsch takes great interest in actively discussing and developing new forms of exhibiting artworks where conventional methods have failed.

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The Story of Gallery.Delivery

Gallery.Delivery is both a group exhibition and a performance that can be ordered online. It will be delivered by bike courier in a "White Cube" courier bag to the address stipulated in the order, where it will be temporarily installed.

As the Internet increasingly penetrates every corner of our lives, this is giving rise to a mindset…

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As the Internet increasingly penetrates every corner of our lives, this is giving rise to a mindset where we expect immediate availability in all aspects of our material world, triggered by a simple click or tap.

Gallery.Delivery applies this promise of immediate availability to the exhibition space and the format of the group show. However, unlike with normal delivery services, the courier doesn't stop at the doorstep; instead, he enters the private home where he sets up the exhibition and offers the works for sale. In this moment, the process of setting up the exhibition takes centre stage as a performative aspect of the show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gallery.Delivery deliver individual artists?

No. Gallery.Delivery delivers a group exhibition.

What is a time-slot?

By choosing a time-slot, you specify the date and time when the group exhibition will be delivered to your apartment.

For how long will the exhibition stay?

Our courier, together with all artworks, will stay for about 90 minutes.

What will happen during the exhibition?

Our bike courier will install all artworks in your apartment. You will then have time to enjoy the exhibition (and to buy an artwork if you like it; we have artworks in all price ranges). Btw., feel free to invite your friends and family.

Will the courier nail something onto the wall?


Is Gallery.Delivery only available in Berlin?

Yes. For now.

Does Gallery.Delivery only deliver to apartments?

You can order Gallery.Delivery to your office, gallery, party etc.

Can I take pictures during the exhibition?

Yes. We encourage you to take pictures and share them online. However, please note that those photos must not include our courier's face.

Credits & Contact

by Sebastian Schmieg

presented by Roehrs & Boetsch

Photography by André Wunstorf
Model Florian Hauer

BBB_ presented with
the support of saasfee*

David Horvitz presented with
the support of ChertLüdde

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“Grand Rollout”

Sept 22-30, 2018

!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack, Andy Kassier, Aram Bartholl, Bastiaan de Nennie, Banz & Bowinkel, Grażyna Roguski, Jonas Lund, Milena Milosavljevic, Nadja Buttendorf, Olia Lialina, Peggy Pehl, Shawn Maximo, Silvio Lorusso

Works in Show

Sebastian Schmieg
Gallery.Delivery: Grand Rollout, 2018
Delivery bag with all artworks
!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack
Panke.Gallery Edition #002 – Alexiety, 2018
Printed 12" LP sleeve with 3mm spine, UV direct print on acrylic glas with download code for three songs
Edition: 100
Andy Kassier
Happiness Cookies – Collectors Box for Gallery.Delivery, 2017/2018
Cardboard, plexiglass, paper, velvet, satin
Edition: 5 + 2 AP ( for each cookie)
Aram Bartholl
Forgot Your Password? (Berlin 123 Mousepad Edition), 2018
Edition: 123
Bastiaan de Nennie
Knowledge is power, 2018
3D-printed PLA, rendered image
Edition: unique
Banz & Bowinkel
Bodypaint III – 12 / 09 / 13, 2016
Computer Generated Image, Fine Art Print
Edition: 15 + 1AP
Grażyna Roguski
E.A.N.G. shirt, 2018
Sculptural T-Shirt
Edition: 3 + 1AP
Jonas Lund
JLT Popsocket, 2018
Popsocket plus 1 Jonas Lund Token
4×4×0.64cm (unfolded 2.3 cm)
Edition: 100
Milena Milosavljevic
It's upside down - 4, 2018
Popsocket plus 1 Jonas Lund Token
Edition: unique
Nadja Buttendorf
Art Nail Kit - based on Art Nail: Hanging 2016/2018
The kit contains in a pink plastic bag: 1×pin, 1×tip glue, 1×sanding paper, 1×suspension, 1×instruction leaflet
Edition: unlimited
Olia Lialina
Three Blingee Masterpieces, 2007
Projection, animated GIFs
Edition: 3 + 1AP
Peggy Pehl
Tobey Maguire (blue) and Jake Gyllenhaal (pink), 2012
Vase-duo covered with polymer clay
9×10×19cm (blue), 7.5×7.5×25cm (pink)
Edition: unique
Shawn Maximo
Companion (feat. Opus No. 1), 2018
Interactive sound sculpture
Edition: 5 + 2AP
Silvio Lorusso
Shouldn't you be working?, 2016
Edition: unlimited

!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack were presented with the support of

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