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Gallery.Delivery Milan, Nov 1 2019 - Mar 1 2020

Your favourite artists, delivered

  • Luigi Amato

    Luigi Amato is a designer and artist working at the intersection between publishing, image production, readymade, and performativity, under the spell of language leaks.

    Luigi Amato
  • Enrico Boccioletti

    Enrico Boccioletti is a transdisciplinary artist whose practice is mainly focused on (non)-human conditionality and the consequences of technology encountering one’s intimacy, investigating structures of empathy possibly existing in-between and beyond verbal communication, representation of the self in the digital realm, and the ghostly forces embedded in informational turmoil.

    Enrico Boccioletti
  • Guendalina Cerruti

    Guendalina Cerruti is born in 1992 in Milan, Italy. She lives and works in London, United Kingdom. Her installations consist of compositions of objects, sculptures and images and can also be described as furniture-related arrangements.

    Guendalina Cerruti
  • Kamilia Kard

    Kamilia Kard is an artist born in Milan. Her artistic research explores how hyper-connectivity and new forms of online communication have changed and influenced the perception of the human body, gestures, feelings and emotions

    Kamilia Kard
  • Lorem

    Lorem is a music-driven multidisciplinary project by Italian musician and visual artist Francesco D'Abbraccio. Focusing on politics of representation and transmedial culture, he realised projects for a wide variety of institutions. He is creative codirector of Krisis Publishing, an independent publishing and curatorial platform focusing on the impact of media culture on contemporary societies.

  • Rachele Maistrello

    Rachele Maistrello is an italian artist. Working across photography, performance, text and website her work feeds on microcosms, small underground stories and rediscovered rites. Lately she has been working on the co-existence of apparently very different worlds, and how their intertwining within the photographic image and video can give life to a different perception of space and time.

    Rachele Maistrello
  • Filippo Minelli

    Filippo Minelli is a contemporary artist analysing and researching landscape, politics and communication to create installations and performances documented through photography and video. His work is based on a nomadic practice mainly focused on peripheral geographic areas.

    Filippo Minelli
  • Parasite 2.0

    Parasite 2.0 are Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino, Luca Marullo, and they are based in Milan and Brussels. The practice was founded in 2010 as an independent research unit, a space of expression parallel to the academic environment. They investigate the status of human habitats, acting within a hybrid of architecture, design and scenography.

    Parasite 2.0
  • Elena Radice

    Elena Radice lives, works and practices in Milano. Her actions cut across different media, and are led by a strong interest towards open and dialogical aesthetic forms, greatly influenced by the dynamics produced by attentional economy and by the Internet. The relationship with the space, either considered as an abstract or as a geographical concept, is pivotal for her creative process.

    Elena Radice
  • The Cool Couple

    The Cool Couple is an artist duo based in Milan, Italy, and established in late 2012 by Niccolò Benetton and Simone Santilli. Their research focuses on the friction points generated daily in the relationship between people and images. The idea of images as active hubs, combined with a strong projectual attitude, results in the use of several forms of expression, ranging from fine art photography to electrostatic wipes, from meditation rooms to Chinese cover-bands.

    The Cool Couple
  • Silvio Lorusso

    Silvio Lorusso’s work focuses on the cultures and rhetorical regimes embedded in techno-social systems. He deals with the narratives and counternarratives that define platforms, devices and interfaces. By doing so, he engages with the tensions surrounding notions of labour, productivity, autonomy, self-design, entrepreneurialism, precarity and failure.

    Silvio Lorusso
  • Curatorial Statement

    Feeling at home. What provokes such sentiment? What inhibits it? Increased mobility has turned the home into an unstable, porous environment, one that is not defined once and for all. "Home is where the WIFI is" reads a popular signs that can be found both on-line and in gentrifying cafès: digital technology possesses the homely, as the usage routines of devices give a sense of belonging: desktops, homepages, the landing screens of apps are somewhat reassuring, as they seem to change at a slower pace than the urban environment we inhabit.

    Mobility, digital technology and permeable boundaries inform this edition of Gallery.Delivery: unlike the usual scenario in which the transaction involving couriers ends in front of the customer's door, Gallery.Delivery infiltrates the private setting. Weird Domesticity reflects upon the sudden relization that the home is not what it used to be, that we might find coziness in a hopeless place. That the home might have become unhomely, a space where we don't dwell but we venture into, as explorers. It might be the home that domesticates its inhabitant.

    —Silvio Lorusso

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The Story of Gallery.Delivery

Gallery.Delivery is both a group exhibition and a performance that can be ordered online. It will be delivered by bike courier in a "White Cube" courier bag to the address stipulated in the order, where it will be temporarily installed.

As the Internet increasingly penetrates every corner of our lives, this is giving rise to a mindset…

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As the Internet increasingly penetrates every corner of our lives, this is giving rise to a mindset where we expect immediate availability in all aspects of our material world, triggered by a simple click or tap.

Gallery.Delivery applies this promise of immediate availability to the exhibition space and the format of the group show. However, unlike with normal delivery services, the courier doesn't stop at the doorstep; instead, he enters the private home where he sets up the exhibition and offers the works for sale. In this moment, the process of setting up the exhibition takes centre stage as a performative aspect of the show.

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Does Gallery.Delivery deliver individual artists?

No. Gallery.Delivery delivers a group exhibition.

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By choosing a time-slot, you specify the date and time when the group exhibition will be delivered to your apartment.

For how long will the exhibition stay?

Our courier, together with all artworks, will stay for about 30 minutes.

What will happen during the exhibition?

Our bike courier will install all artworks in your apartment. You will then have time to enjoy the exhibition (and to buy an artwork if you like it; we have artworks in all price ranges). Btw., feel free to invite your friends and family.

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Is Gallery.Delivery only available in Milan?

Right now, yes. Previously, Gallery.Delivery was available in Berlin.

Does Gallery.Delivery only deliver to apartments?

You can order Gallery.Delivery to your office, gallery, party etc.

Can I take pictures during the exhibition?

Yes. We encourage you to take pictures and share them online. However, please note that those photos must not include our courier's face.


Gallery.Delivery Milan is a franchise operated by Green Cube Gallery. Gallery.Delivery is an exhibition format and performance developed by Sebastian Schmieg. The first editions in Berlin were presented by Roehrs & Boetsch.

Photography by André Wunstorf
Model Florian Hauer
Graphics with Anna-Luise Lorenz

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New Convenience

presented by Roehrs & Boetsch

Sept 6-15, 2019

BBB_, Lotte Meret Effinger &
Marco Buetikofer, Tom Galle, Elisa Giardina Papa, Stefani Glauber, Jing He, David Horvitz, Lauren Huret, Jeremy Hutchison, Simone Niquille, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Evan Roth, Theo Triantafyllidis

Show Artworks

Works in Show

Sebastian Schmieg
Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience, 2019
Delivery bag with all artworks
Screen print on plastic sleeve, paper booklet, CD, download code, AR app
Edition: 300
Lotte Meret Effinger & Marco Buetikofer
Relic from a Datafiction, 2019
Fiberglass, latex, rapsberry pi, screen module, loudspeaker with battery, power supply
Edition: unique
Tom Galle
Send Nudes Keyboard, 2017
Modified Apple bluetooth keyboard, original cardboard box
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Elisa Giardina Papa
Brush Stroke N.006, 2019
UV print on aluminium
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Stefani Glauber
Duftspiegel I, 2019
Raspberry Pi 2, transparente Hülle, Netzteil, Duftstick
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Jing He
We Yellow Will Win, 2019
Photo, aluminium, sponge, disposable gloves
Edition: 5
David Horvitz
The distance in space this travelled between us
The distance in time this travelled between us
Context: Gallery.Delivery: New Convenience, 2019
Lauren Huret
The lost keychain of the artist, 2019
Metal (nickel, aluminium, iron), glass, USB stick with video
Edition: 5
Jeremy Hutchison
Movables [01] & Movables [02], 2017
Digital prints on photo rag
Edition: 5 + 2 AP
Simone Niquille
Proxybody III, 2015/2016
Digital print on soft-shell fabric
Edition: 3 + 2 AP
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Avocado Ibuprofen Prescription Vial, 2019
Plastic, phenol-free thermal paper
Prescription vial: 9.5×4.7cm, Print: 256.6×8.0cm
Edition: defined by Gallery.Delivery orders
Evan Roth, 2019
Phone mount, phone, charger, cable, mobile app
Edition: unique
Theo Triantafyllidis
Self Portrait (Reclining Ork), 2019
Digital print on 115 g glossy paper folded
Edition: 300

David Horvitz was presented with the support of ChertLüdde.
BBB_ was presented with the support of saasfee*
All photos by André Wunstorf

Grand Rollout

presented by Roehrs & Boetsch

Sept 22-30, 2018

!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack, Andy Kassier, Aram Bartholl, Bastiaan de Nennie, Banz & Bowinkel, Grażyna Roguski, Jonas Lund, Milena Milosavljevic, Nadja Buttendorf, Olia Lialina, Peggy Pehl, Shawn Maximo, Silvio Lorusso

Show Artworks

Works in Show

Sebastian Schmieg
Gallery.Delivery: Grand Rollout, 2018
Delivery bag with all artworks
!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack
Panke.Gallery Edition #002 – Alexiety, 2018
Printed 12" LP sleeve with 3mm spine, UV direct print on acrylic glas with download code for three songs
Edition: 100
Andy Kassier
Happiness Cookies – Collectors Box for Gallery.Delivery, 2017/2018
Cardboard, plexiglass, paper, velvet, satin
Edition: 5 + 2 AP (for each cookie)
Aram Bartholl
Forgot Your Password? (Berlin 123 Mousepad Edition), 2018
Edition: 123
Bastiaan de Nennie
Knowledge is power, 2018
3D-printed PLA, rendered image
Edition: unique
Banz & Bowinkel
Bodypaint III – 12 / 09 / 13, 2016
Computer Generated Image, Fine Art Print
Edition: 15 + 1AP
Grażyna Roguski
E.A.N.G. shirt, 2018
Sculptural T-Shirt
Edition: 3 + 1AP
Jonas Lund
JLT Popsocket, 2018
Popsocket plus 1 Jonas Lund Token
4×4×0.64cm (unfolded 2.3 cm)
Edition: 100
Milena Milosavljevic
It's upside down - 4, 2018
Popsocket plus 1 Jonas Lund Token
Edition: unique
Nadja Buttendorf
Art Nail Kit - based on Art Nail: Hanging 2016/2018
The kit contains in a pink plastic bag: 1×pin, 1×tip glue, 1×sanding paper, 1×suspension, 1×instruction leaflet
Edition: unlimited
Olia Lialina
Three Blingee Masterpieces, 2007
Projection, animated GIFs
Edition: 3 + 1AP
Peggy Pehl
Tobey Maguire (blue) and Jake Gyllenhaal (pink), 2012
Vase-duo covered with polymer clay
9×10×19cm (blue), 7.5×7.5×25cm (pink)
Edition: unique
Shawn Maximo
Companion (feat. Opus No. 1), 2018
Interactive sound sculpture
Edition: 5 + 2AP
Silvio Lorusso
Shouldn't you be working?, 2016
Edition: unlimited

!Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack were presented with the support of
All photos by André Wunstorf

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